The Inauthentic Age

Guest Post from the writer of the Epic Art House blog.
The Inauthentic Age
By Zander Saga 
Currently, I intern at an entertainment website that features news on celebrities and movies and other things. The site has many different writers and many editors on board to keep it running all day and all week. However, there is a problem that I have noticed about the articles and comments. Some of my first articles had small but reasonable and realistic results. I would be lucky if I’ve received five Facebook likes. However, recently I wrote an article about the likelihood of Wonder Woman getting a movie and I got huge numbers from it. This of course made me happy.
In fact, I got about 100 or more likes. But I then began to look at the comments. Then I looked at the commenters. Some of the commenters had published hundreds of comments on the site. Others published more than 30. There were few new commenters. This was not necessary real in my opinion. Then I looked at more elements of my stories like ratings and twitter shares. My ratings ranged from 10 -20 at most. 
Because I was part of this internship I join twitter. I did not want to. I needed to in order to promote articles and sell the website. I as a new member of this site, I encountered fake profiles that wanted to follow me. I followed them because I wanted followers and I felt that it was right to follow back. Then I figured out that you can pay for followers. So I begin to think how many celebrities do this and why does it matter if millions of people follow you. 
The twitter shares for my stories never went beyond 10. After looking more into this, I did not feel so great about my recent success because it wasn’t real. Some of those twitter accounts were not real. 
See, I am part of a force of unpaid interns that do a wide range of things. Some deal with social media, some write and some edit stories. The problem I see with this is that we generate our own success. That is the point that I am getting to. We live in a time where everyone is an object because of the internet. We want to make ourselves brands so we must have the most comments, views, followers, friends on Facebook, and connections on this fake reality called the internet. It is a giant popularity contest and everyone has to win. That is the problem here. We all can’t win because we made the internet like the real world; only bigger and infinite.
The internet has the stamp of reality all over it. There is competition without a real prize. Many people have written about the subject; none have figured out what the internet is. I want to end this by saying that I hate social media because it is a marketing stunt. I like the internet but I will never love it because I waste so much time on it and not enough time using it for the good of my life.


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