The Inauthentic Age

Guest Post from the writer of the Epic Art House blog.
The Inauthentic Age
By Zander Saga 
Currently, I intern at an entertainment website that features news on celebrities and movies and other things. The site has many different writers and many editors on board to keep it running all day and all week. However, there is a problem that I have noticed about the articles and comments. Some of my first articles had small but reasonable and realistic results. I would be lucky if I’ve received five Facebook likes. However, recently I wrote an article about the likelihood of Wonder Woman getting a movie and I got huge numbers from it. This of course made me happy.
In fact, I got about 100 or more likes. But I then began to look at the comments. Then I looked at the commenters. Some of the commenters had published hundreds of comments on the site. Others published more than 30. There were few new commenters. This was not necessary real in my opinion. Then I looked at more elements of my stories like ratings and twitter shares. My ratings ranged from 10 -20 at most. 
Because I was part of this internship I join twitter. I did not want to. I needed to in order to promote articles and sell the website. I as a new member of this site, I encountered fake profiles that wanted to follow me. I followed them because I wanted followers and I felt that it was right to follow back. Then I figured out that you can pay for followers. So I begin to think how many celebrities do this and why does it matter if millions of people follow you. 
The twitter shares for my stories never went beyond 10. After looking more into this, I did not feel so great about my recent success because it wasn’t real. Some of those twitter accounts were not real. 
See, I am part of a force of unpaid interns that do a wide range of things. Some deal with social media, some write and some edit stories. The problem I see with this is that we generate our own success. That is the point that I am getting to. We live in a time where everyone is an object because of the internet. We want to make ourselves brands so we must have the most comments, views, followers, friends on Facebook, and connections on this fake reality called the internet. It is a giant popularity contest and everyone has to win. That is the problem here. We all can’t win because we made the internet like the real world; only bigger and infinite.
The internet has the stamp of reality all over it. There is competition without a real prize. Many people have written about the subject; none have figured out what the internet is. I want to end this by saying that I hate social media because it is a marketing stunt. I like the internet but I will never love it because I waste so much time on it and not enough time using it for the good of my life.


the Apocalypse

According to the Mayan calendar, the world was supposed to end on December 2012. I honestly think that was the funniest crap I had ever heard, but a lot of people actually believed it. And then there is the whole ‘End of the World’ thing that the Bible advertises, but never actually happens. Okay, the Bible didn’t exactly give out the dates for the end of the world; it was the over-analyzing humans who made that mess. I couldn’t help but feel bad for the guys who spent money trying to convince people that the world was ending in September, and then had to confess. Okay, that was a waste of time.

But suppose the world actually ends. That in itself is an accomplishment. So, if the world actually ended, it would make everybody’s day. I know that sounds stupid. Why would everyone be happy if the world just ended? Maybe people subconsciously want the world to end. They want to tell their grandkids they saw the world end, that they saw it coming, and that they tried warn to everyone.

If the world ends and we are somehow still alive you will need a couple things to ensure that you keep breathing.

I, for one, recommend forming an Apocalypse Team. This team will help you survive and allow you to keep the human race from extinction. You may or may not have to ditch your family to survive, but what’s the cost of a few lives when the entire human race is at stake?

Some requirements for you and your team members include:

  1. Strong. Somewhat stereotypical, but you have to be strong to survive The Apocalypse. I don’t only mean physically; you have to be mentally strong to survive the rotting zombies that will undoubtedly take over the world, and so on.
  2. Prepared. You have to be prepared for anything that happens, even if that means leaving your best friend behind as she bleeds to death. No, just kidding. You have to be prepared to bandage your best friend/fellow team member. Then you can save her life. And yes, you will be a hero, even though everyone else is dying, and you chose to save only one dying person.
  3. Resourceful. You cannot survive, and neither can your friends, if you always ask before taking. If you do that, you will undoubtedly die. Instead, you must use your resources to survive. For example, if you see a dying man with a knife and other supplies you must first ease his pain. Then you must take the knife and supplies. In exchange for making sure his passing was painless you take your payment. The knife would count, and so would the rest of the supplies. Okay, maybe not the rest of the supplies. But still, he’s dead now, so who else cares?
  4. Smart. Finally your team members must be smart. If you see a hungry boy running towards you with a spear you must not think about taking the spear. You must run because if you do not the desperate boy will kill you for supplies. Be careful who you pick your fights with.

Once you have your team, the only other thing you need is supplies. When taking/bartering/stealing the stuff think about it’s usefulness. For example, instead of going for some makeup you should be thinking about finding food or weapons. Always take things that are useful, and things you will be able to use many times. It’s just smart.

In addition to certain attributes, you will need some things like:

  1. Backpack
  2. Knife
  3. Fishing Line
  4. Water bottle
  5. Water purifier
  6. Tin/Metal Pan
  7. Blanket
  8. Tarp
  9. Warm clothing
  10. Compass
  11. Map
  12. This is a long shot, but some sort of transportation such as a horse would be pretty cool.

With that in mind you should survive. Obviously if all you do is lounge around and watch TV your survival skills won’t be that sharp. Unless if you watch Survivor. Then you will have some overblown notion that to survive you have to kill some poor innocent sheep and eat the guts raw.
I may not be some survival guru, but even I know that’s a crappy idea. Why kill a sheep if you can keep it and get milk, as well as some wool? Maybe the sheep will be a burden, so the best idea is to leave the sheep alone. If it hasn’t threatened you/harmed you yet, it’s probably a good idea to stay out of it’s way.

Finally, and most importantly, don’t forget to keep your humanity. If you lose that then there is no point in living. You might as well keel over right then and there, because once you lose your humanity, you have no purpose in life (or afterlife). All you’re doing is taking up the air and polluting the earth with smog. Or breath. Or whatever they call that stuff.

Afternote: Now that I think about it some more, you will be polluting the earth with Co2.

Love or Not?

Hey! I’m Heca, and I’m here to blog about anything that catches your eye- or stuff that doesn’t. Just so you know, I’m on as Hecatenna, and on dA as watergirl2000. I love to eat chocolate (what girl doesn’t?) and read. I draw a bunch as well- almost obsessively  I don’t expect this blog to become very popular-  I  mean, no one knows who I am, but I can be optimistic. Anyway, the topic of the day is Romeo and Juliet.

Romeo and Juliet is a play by William Shakespeare, a tragic love story, and apparently a masterpiece. My class is reading it in English, and I honestly believe I have never read more crap in my life. I mean, really? The whole ‘I would die for you’ thing is cute. The problem is Romeo and Juliet have known each other for about- wait for it- three days! They kill themselves in the sake of love, despite knowing each other for only three freaking days. You may not agree with me, and that’s okay. But hear me out.

The first scenes start with Romeo pining over a girl named Rosaline. Romeo claims to be so in love with her that he will never love another girl. Romeo’s friend Benvolio insists that he will meet another girl, one that will love him back. Romeo talks about how upset and suicidal he is, but finally the two decide to crash a Capulet party. For Benvolio to check out the hot chicks, and for Romeo because Rosaline is going to be there. Sure enough, Romeo goes to the party. It’s there that he sees Juliet for the first time. After seeing her Romeo immediately forgets about Rosaline, and walks over to Juliet. Some bad pick up lines later Romeo has kissed Juliet. On the mouth. Twice. Let’s remind each other that Juliet is thirteen. Romeo is probably somewhere around eighteen, and they are in love. Juliet has never actually thought about marriage, or boys before but now she sees Romeo and her hormones are going crazy. It’s a teenage problem, but worse since the two families hate each other, and talk about killing each other frequently.

Romeo is over Rosaline (even though he loved her a few hours ago) and is really into Juliet. So much, in fact, that instead of going home like he should after partying Romeo sneaks into the Capulet garden and starts wondering if Juliet loves him. Of course, Juliet’s balcony is right above him as he soon realizes. Juliet goes off on a speel about how she loves Romeo, and Romeo is so overwhelmed he lets Juliet know he is right underneath her, watching her in her nightgown. 

Wait, rewind this into modern times. Ben (Romeo) has been partying all night and has had a one night (one minute?) stand with Julie (Juliet). Instead of leaving a drunken Ben goes to Julie’s house and watches as she lounges on her balcony. Oh, wait, we forgot to mention that Julie is a tank and shorts. She is also thirteen. We now know that Ben would be considered a pervert and a stalker in our times- but in Romeo and Juliet he is a gentleman, a true lover. Oh yes. If Romeo showed up on my porch I would punch him in the face, hard.

So we are at the balcony, and Romeo proposes to Juliet. That’s right, he asked a thirteen year old girl to marry him, a legal adult in our day and age. But he’s not pedophiliac  they’re really in love. Sure.

The fact that Juliet accepts his proposal makes me want to cry. Have a backbone! Jeesh.

Trouble follows the newly weds (yes, they get married and actually consumate the marriage. You know, like sleeping with Romeo. JUliet, a thirteen year old girl sleeps with a legal adult.) Romeo kills Juliet’s cousin, and instead of being upset Juliet forgives Romeo. She learns of his banishment and goes to Friar Lawrence, threatening to kill herself if he can’t fix things for her in time. 

To top it off the friar concocts this doomed plan, in which Juliet will pretend to be dead. Romeo will know of this before hand, and will come for her. She will wake up in her family’s tomb and he will be there for her. They will not be missed, and they will run off to Mantua.

Now, why couldn’t they have done that without the whole drama thing? They didn’t need t have Juliet pretend she was dead, and her whole messenger thing to Romeo was a bad idea to begin with. Telling someone that you have a elaborate plan in which you pretend to die is clearly something you tell them in person. And besides, they didn’t need Juliet to pretend she was dead.

I honestly think Romeo and Juliet were never in love in the first place.